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Phoebe will be the mother of our Beautiful Beardie Babies! The Father of the B´s is waiting for her already....

It won't take long anymore... Since we keep very critical the breed standard in mind, the health of our dogs is top priority and the self-conscious nature of our Beardies brings an enormous will to please along, luckily we were finally able to find the future father of our B´s. Phoebe has the choice between two unique Beardies. Let's see which one it will be.... Soon more on the nursery news!

25 October 2014

Now it is confirmed! Phoebe will be for the second and last time a mom. Beautiful, Blessed and Beardie rocking Beardied Collies are eagerly awaited at the end of November! We saw at least five strongly beating hearts of our B´s on the ultrasound. The joy over this litter is wonderful because we know that this will be probably Chiccolinos last puppies. We thought for quite a while whether we should try a re-mating, but the best argument is sitting in front of me! Our PhoeNaniAs Adorable Apple Annie! Of course, we also hope that the puppies develop as good as Apple Annie and her brother Barbu (PhoeNaniAs Absolutely Amazing Barbu). However, we are convinced that our B's will only enrich the Beardie world. Until then, we will be happy to share our joy with you on this upcoming litter. The nursery will now be regularly filled with information.

27 October 2014

Our lovely Barbu did sent us his actual article.....


Hi friends!
The holidays flew by and I was away all the time together with my partner Addy and my two legs following.
We were often in the Waldviertel, at our friends´horse ranch but also in Altaussee, where we could swim  in Lake Altaussee with our master and mummy.
I can tell you, that it was like a dream ! I really love swimming and in Lake Altaussee you can do that whenever you want and the water is clean and fresh !
Addy and I decided to go there again next year  and I think, our master and mummy will come with us, too.
We still meet my dog mummy Phoebe and my funny sister Annie regulary and I am sooo happy about that - but not only me.......
During our last two meetings I noticed, that my Mum didn´t run so quickly any more, she smelt differently and she put on weight ! I didn´t think anything of it, because I sometimes see, that humans also become more and more (except my mummy ).
But yesterday, imagine, when I was at the vet, I found out something very important !
I accompanied my mum , because as a family we must hold together and that´s why I stood by my mum as her strong son. Phoebe was put on the examination table, where she laid down well ( I CAN´T do that like she can - upps ! ). The nice vet examined her belly with a very strange instrument. And then I discovered the TV screen, because my human mummy and my mummy were staring at it. Then my folks started cheering and then I found out WHY !  At least FIVE brothers and sisters in MY MUM´S BELLY ! I can´t understand, HOW they came there, but my mummy promised me, to explain that to me in a few days.
No matter, how they came there, I am sooo happy about them ! I know, that in any case  I will get real brothers and sisters in some weeks ! And that´s fantastic !
I will keep you informed, I promise you !
See you soon,

And here is a "Good Night Picture" of Mommy Phoebe and her Apple Annie!

03 November 2014

Phoebe is doing just fine! She enjoys all the pampering. And not only from us! Lovely people were already visiting and were gently touching Phoebe and the "Belly B´s"! Phoebe just feels "Beardie-well" and on the weekend we will transform the living room into a nursery. We are looking forward to it. Of course we want to share our joy -as always- about the upcoming litter with you. You can read more about this very soon! But for now we will give Phoebe her well deserved peace and let her enjoy her motherhood.

23 November 2014

Happy Beardieday!

Our puppies have arrived! Phoebe is again a very caring mom of five boys and one girl. We can´t describe our joy about this wonderful litter but simply admire those beautiful pups. More pics of each puppy will follow soon, but for now we will give Phoebe and the little "wonders" some peace. Come back soon...

27 November 2014

The first pictures of our wonderful puppies are finally there. Since we did not want to separate Phoebe and her puppies too long, we present some quick shots of each baby. Soon our dear friend Julia Ehmann (Frozen Colours) will make more lovely photos of our beloved Pups.

29 November 2014

We will try to upload now daily some pics of our puppies. Here are the newest six photos of our six pack.

01 December 2014

We can´t get enough of the sight of our gorgeous puppies. But have a look yourself...

03 December 2014

Since Phoebe went for a quick walk, Annie had to check on her siblings....

06 December 2014

We will take new photos tomorrow of each puppy....

09 December - 11 December 2014

New pics of our 2,5 weeks young puppies!

14 December 2014

Our puppies are 3 weeks young! They are wonderful.... But watch yourself.