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Our Annie ( PhoeNanias Adorable Apple Annie ) was eagerly awaited . And now …here she is! Our Annie ! From the first second in her little life she has enriched our world. As a second born - after Barbu ( PhoeNaniAs Absolutely Amazing Barbu ) - she wanted to come into the world quickly and with a big Hello! From the first moment when I held Annie in my hands, I knew that she is staying with us ! And this decision we will NEVER regret. Annie is simply indescribably wonderful. She resembles her mother not only externally, but could also inherit Phoebe's great character. Annie is a very smart dog. Confident she strides with (just for now) small steps through her Beardie life. But it will not take long and she will rock the Beardie world with bigger steps ...
More about Annie pretty soon ! In the meantime, we invite you to read below Krabbelstube -> A Litter - > Girl . There you read Annie's first weeks in her big, wide world.
Annie and her mother Phoebe.
01 March 2014
Our Annie is now 6 months young ! Happy "Half Year Birthday", Little Apple Annie! Well, what can i tell and report about her ? Of course, only the best. Annie developed as excellent as her brother in every way. She is and remains our beloved "terror crumbs" ! Unfortunately, she had already smelled unpleasant  big city air and must found out, that not all humans are nice and friendly . Once again she wanted to show her big affection towards her two legged friends but had to feel the harsh reality and was kicked very rudely to the ground by this "friend". Phoebe was adhoc on Annies side and cleared the situation... Annie did not understand her little world , which she told to us loud whimpering. But Nomen est omen. Annie … from Annie get your gun ... has pulled her weapons, loaded with charm and joy and placed her charm right away in the hearts of the humans. We are so proud of our Annie ! Otherwise, she does make everything, what a young dog loves doing. Digging holes in the garden, fetching shoes, saying hello to neighbor's cat (and sometimes to chase it away ) , carrying 4 toys at the same time in her mouth ,fulfilling the "high-speed-eating" record and looking all nicely if she  once again does not only makes us smile by doing her everyday nonsense.But mostty she does ... ;)

13 April 2014

Our Apple Annie is outstanding! She is a happy, balanced, self-confident and beautiful bitch! And she is officially not a baby anymore, but a "dream girl". Only her ​​childlike, playful behavior contradicts to it to 100%. Hopefully for a long time! In early May there will be more to report, because Annie may finally be allowed to collect the sheep. We will rock the show ring earliest in the late youth class. We simply do not need "judicial" confirmation of the beauty of our Annie, since we already know that! Until then .... Beardies Rock!

27 May 2014

Our Apple Annie with her wonderful Mommy Phoebe. It will take not much longer anymore, until we will look twice to figure out, which one is which one.

19 August 2014

Apple Annie is now almost a year young and we are practicing for her first dogshow. Because Annie is our beloved terror crumbs, she is always looking for action and the quiet "standing still" is truly a challenge. But having some amateur ring training, Apple Annie finds balance while herding sheep and her daily adventures. Annie loves to rest in the garden during thunderstorms and waits for the first clap of thunder. Who wonders? Of course nobody, who got to know Apple Annie.

03 November 2014

Our Apple Annie ..... No more words needed!