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01 January 2014
Just in time for the new year , our roving reporter Barbu has opened its own column . Here's the report live from Baden close to Vienna
My dear fan base at home and abroad!
Since my last report  has been a while ago, i have some news for you.
My younger human friend Katja (she is the daughter of my "older" human friend ) has finally returned permanently from Germany .
She has worked there for a year and whenever she was able to, Katja visited me every weekend in my new residence in Baden. It was always sooo funny when she was there, but i was always soooo sorry when she left and i couldn't find her anymore in my "castle" ! With Katja i have so much fun and we joke around all the time. She has such gorgeous long brown fur ( I think you humans call it hair) to play with and together with my "older" friend Michi, they have also taught me many things. And well, since i like to learn everything, i am also in a special puppy class. Two Shelties are as well in  my class and we are big buddies already. I love to play with them, but i am there to learn… So, i am watching and listening very careful to my teacher Alex. My dog trainer Alex praises me a lot and my girls are very excited about that.Although I am by far the youngest, I may often show off, how to do things and all the two legged friends are smiling at me and are too proud of my "knowledge"! Michi says she would have never had a Beardie ( and after all, I am the fourth one! ) , which is so clever with four months of age. Sorry for raving, but to name just a few exercises i have already learned: "Sit" and "Down" , standing on a podium , give paw , "Herding a ball" , intelligence games and laying on one spot for a short while…Oh boy, that is no challenge for me! My big, wonderful brother Addy is a patient teacher and companion for me. Sometimes my energy is too much for him (which happens very, very rarely), i have learned another lesson… I give him some peace and rest (but not my bone).
And last but not least is something else that always makes me particularly happy . I see my sister Annie and my mom Phoebe regularly. I tell you  guys, if you want to have plenty of fun, then come and join us! Our two legged friends get along splendidly and we all have great fun together walking around in the woods.
So, now i need to make some business…in the garden… if you know, what i mean...
Read (or maybe see) you soon,
Yours Barbu (the roving reporter)
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18 January 2014
Barbu has news for you! With pride he wants to tell you about his big brother. More to read below...

Hello, my dears,
Although it isn´t a long time ago, that I have written to you, I can´t help telling you a very important message !
My great friend Addy has become a school- therapydog last Monday. That means, he is no longer my personal teacher alone, he also comes along with my Mummy, when she goes to school, but only twice a week. When he comes home, he always smells soooooo wonderful of different humans and tidbits.
My Mummy has promised me, that , maybe, I will also carry out this job, when I am grown up. But why waiting so long ? I think, children are already super. They aren´t so tall and have got a funny voice. But my Mummy thinks different about that. She says, that it isn´t the right time now. Okay, maybe she´s right, because I am only five months old.
Now I must get ready for my date with my girlfriend Nikita. Yes, it´s true, what you´ve read!
Although I´m only five months old, I meet nice girls. To start with THAT, is NEVER too early.
And in this case, my Mummy agrees.
See you,

01 March 2014

Barbu , our Number 1, just reports in time on his "Half Year Birthday"! Our beloved Brown Bear, just stay the way you are…simply wonderful! Special thanks to Michi, Katja and Wolfgang for EVERYTHING ! You and Addy make the happy living for Barbu just perfect!

My dear friends!

Since i am already 6 months old, i must report on the latest news. My two legged mom was pretty sick and i was really worried about her. Therefore i was guarding her non stop and kept her warm by lying right next by hear side on the big bed. I couldn´t even enjoy my walks without her… Oh boy, i tell you… i realy wanted her to walk by my side! But finally she felt much better and i discovered my love for cleaning up in the household (well not only there). At least, i guess i am a big support…My mom likes yogurt and she always gives me the yogurt cup for a good clean up. When i am done with my "clean-out-licking-job" i´ll return it nicely to her and guess what… I will get a treat for that aswell. Since then i started collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans from the woods and bring it to my mommy! I like to keep my forrest clean and i have to admit, the treats taste quite well. I also have to report the most beautiful NEWS ever. My younger mom Katja has moved back to Austira! I am soooo happy about it and i also fulfill my daily wake-up-call duty. Just by jumping on her bed, giving her plenty of kisses and sometimes pulling her wonderful long hair. Well, as you can imagine, i have much work to do. Speak to you soon. Until next time,

Yours Barbu

13 April 2014

Barbu has more news to tell...but read for yourself:

Hello, dear friends at home and abroad! As I have heard from my first dog mom Sabine , I have many people who inspire me and always would like to get informed about me. Thank you for your interest and compliments ! I am pretty much grown up to a handsome teenager,and i weigh-sometimes a bit more- 20 kg. Oh boy, i´ll tell you... i am trying hard to become a "real" man. In other words , I begin to mark my territory on three legs. Well not in the mornings, since i am quite under pressure, if you know, what i mean. But otherwise i am rather good in keeping the balance on three legs . My human mom is then always very proud of me ! My daily routine has now been stabilized. In the mornings, fun and fitness is announced, because I play with my mommy for a very long time. She throws my "holy blue rubber sausage " , which I bring her back and give her back. Well, i have to let go of my beloved sausage on command...Although reluctant , but my mom is is so happy about giving her MY toy, that i must do so. Sure, she is praising me highly for this, which makes me happy! While mom is at school, my men (Addy and Wolfgang) and me are doing real mens stuff. Until mommy comes home, because then we go in the woods and i can play with Addy -run and hunt with him over the fields. I tell you, i have a really cool dog´s life! Sometimes , I go with those two legged friends in restaurants or wine taverns . That is quite boring, since Addy and me have to lay quietly under the table, while those people are eating the most delicious food. If you think, that Addy or me will get a piece of this devine smelling dinner, you are wrong there...unfortunately! Must work on this!!! In early May I 'll get in touch with you again, since I will heard sheep for the first time. I'm already excited to find out, what THE say to me .....

Until next time ,Yours " Big Brown " Barbu

27 May 2014

We got mail again from our Barbu...

Dear fans,

14 days ago my Mummy and I have tried sheep herding and I can tell you that it was absolutely great !
Within a short time I got it, that these animals have great respect for me and it was really funny, to run after or around them.
Since this introduction course I have been herding for another two times. At this moment I am busy with my Mummy to answer some questions.
I mean, we must learn to work in a team together and we are not always the same opinion.....
But because of the fact, that I want to please my Mummy, I am really working hard to understand her messages.
I am sure, through "LEARNING BY DOING" we´ll manage it.
I wish you a nice weekend, see you soon,

19 August 2014

Barbu wrote to us! But because he is very fond of the water, he sends the "post in the bottle"  through heavy water;-) Our Barbu was already on vacation and enjoys his kingdom with Michi, Wolfgang, Katja and especially Addy! Here is his report. Have fun reading:


Hi friends!
First of all I must say sorry to you for not having written for such a long time..
I am sending you my nicest blink (I know that that always works ) and I also know, that you can understand, that a Beardie also has high spirits of holiday and action . :-))) !
My Mummy has been having holidays for more than a month now and that´s really fantastic ! We travel around very often, sometimes we are in the "Waldviertel" ( that´s in the northern part of Lower Austria), where there are lots of woods, freh air and many fields,  or we go to new areas and stay at really nice hotels, which isn´t a problem for me.
At the beginning of September I am going to take part in a course at a dogs´training centre to get the  final touch  (or my Mummy or we together ) , specially to go on the lead correctly.
Because of the fact,  that there is summer now, I love to go swimming. My buddy  Addy has showed me how it works and it is really fantastic, to jump into the water and to bring back my dummy.
At the sheep ranch I love watching my sister Annie when she is hearding. She does it really very, very well but at the moment I like it better being near my Mummy than running after the sheep.
At the horse ranch in the Waldviertel, where my second best friend Noah lives, it´s always great, when I see him ! Then we run across the fields and Noah always plays with me, he never says "No" ! I am allowed to run around there without the lead, because I keep the correct distance to the horses ( Addy and Noah have explained that to me ) and I never run away, of course.
So, my dears, now my Mummy is ready with my dinner and I must have a bite to eat !
See you soon ( I promise),