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Start Nursery A-Wurf Girl

A-Litter Girl

Our black beauty! She is - as her brother - a very special and wonderful Beardie Puppy.  The little princess brought at birth (29 August 2013) 452 g to the scales. Of course, lots of photos will follow, since we are too proud of Phoebe's daughter. And YES .... she is staying with us!

05 September 2013

She is 1 week young!

02 October 2013

This is Annie! Our Annie... as from "Annie get your gun!" Our beloved terror crumb. She is a little Phoebe. Nothing is impossible! Always with the will (and the head) forward, she must explore EVERYTHING. No sound is too loud. No too strange unfamiliar environment. Annie is always in the middle of the action. Also, she turns her head when spoken to,in the same special way as her mom! We are looking forward to lots of fun with mother and daughter! Because ... Beardies rock! Here are a few photos of our 21 days old Annie. Recent pictures follow here .... very soon!

17 October 2013
Annie is now 7 weeks young! She is our little Twister and terror crumb. She is truly her mother's daughter. They not only look very similar, but also did Annie inherit Phoebes temperament. One thing is for sure ... it will be never boring with our two beloved dogs! Our little princess´official name is PhoeNaniAs Adorable Apple Annie. Because ... An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Annie will certainly keep us fit!
27 October 2013
Our terror crumbs and heartbreaker, our angel and little devil, our "not scared of anything" and "being clever about everything"...

PhoeNaniAs Adorable Apple Annie (8.5 weeks)