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Start Nursery A-Wurf Boy

A- Litter Boy

He is the number one! The first puppy born in our kennel on 29 August 2013. An amazing big (492g), brown boy.
He is absolutely gorgeous and very special. Soon we will post lots of pics....
But for now, we will only enjoy the first days of the happy life of our A´s!
05 September 2013
He is 1 week young!
02 October 2013
May I introduce .... Barbu! Now he is almost 5 weeks "old" and a wonderful brown Beardie bear! He is not only loved by us, but also from his adoptiv parents, who spend every free minute with their much loved dog. Barbu is a very alert boy. He is a thinker and adventurer at the same time. Joyfully he plunges into "new worlds" and conqueres all hearts in a second. While his sister wants to get her will in a blink of a moment, Barbu wants to achieve with minimal effort, maximum results. And with success! Barbu is truly unique! We would also like to thank from the bottom of our heart, that our Number 1 has been found his royal home. We are overjoyed and so there is never a "goodbye", but a simple "See you soon"! Because Barbu remains close to us and we will experience many adventures together. We are looking forward to it! Here are a few photos of our brown bear with 21 days of age. Recent photos coming very soon!
17 October 2013
Barbu celebrates his 7-week birthday! As we all knew and expected, he is gorgeous. Barbu is a curious, clever puppy which always perfectly entertains us with his actions. Everything must be retrieved by him. Whether shoes, glasses or remote controls ... nothing will be neglected. Everything has to be returned to its spot. Barbus adoptive parents visit him several times a week and he always welcomes them full of joy and love. Although the separation of our brown bear is very difficult, thus we know that Barbu will move into a kingdom. We are pleased with our prince, who will have the official name PhoeNaniAs Absolutely Amazing Barbu!
27 October 2013
Our adventurer and gardener, our thinker and daredevil, our charming boy and macho men ....

PhoeNaniAs Absolutely Amazing Barbu (8.5 weeks young)