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Beardies rock

The Bearded Collie finds its origin in the Scottish Highlands! As a working dog, the Bearded Collie´s originally job was to drive the sheep over miles into their local stable. With instinct - and mostly barking- the Beardie has driven the sheep out of caves and bushes. Only to bring all its sheep safely home to the shepherd . Even today this unique breed is doing a wonderful job on various herding/farmer trials! Successes have been celebrated, and that although if many judges want to "push" the Bearded Collie´s behaviour into another herding dog´s. Most often into the skills of a Border Collie! A completely different behaviour. No worse and no better! But just different! And as it is always in life, that certain "to be a little different" is often not desirable. There are yet people/ judges who know to appreciate the independent work of the Bearded Collies and value this smart and efficient work. Well, and because the Beardie wandered through bushes and thorns, in any wind and weather to accomplish its work, mother nature gave our Beardies a long and double coated fur ! This jacket offers the Beardie a natural protection.

If someone tells you, that the Beardies coat does NOT need care, you might speak to the wrong person! Back then, the shepherds certainly gave their Bearded Collies an annual coat trimming coming along with the sheep shaving . Understandable, since hardly any farmer had the time to free his working dog of nasty weed and thorns. Nevertheless, the coat of our dogs makes sense and gives the Beardie protection and a natural air conditioner. Eventually mother nature knows what to do. To maintain the coat is a MUST! Initial, almost daily "maintenance brushing training" with your puppy by using a soft brush is fun and leads to the goal! Simply to have an easy to groom Beardie with lovely fur!

Especially the length of the dog´s coat causes always a little discussion by various persons. Which means,if you have a Beardie with longer fur, he / she is automatically labeled as just a "Show Beardie". Simply nice to look at. If you have a Beardie with shorter fur (for whatever reason), then those Beardies might be too often mistaken as the Beardies from "the good old days"!

Also , i will strongly take distance to statements such as:

"I want a Beardie bred out of a working line."


"I want a Beardie which is successful in the show ring."

EVERY Bearded Collie can be successful by doing EVERYTHING! Us humans must take actions here, not the dog! If a breeder lays the foundation for an equitable standard bred dog in general, then these distinctions become obsolete.

However, the Beardie from the so-called "good old days " has more to offer, but having shorter hair! Harsh coat texture, straight topline, correct angulations, strong pigment, correct and complete scissor bite and a wonderful movement! To define this wonderful breed just by its lenght of its jacket does not justifie the  Bearded Collies temper and looks at all! Still, an inappropriate, too long coat was never ment to be!

Just like us, so every dog has an individual, lovable character. Wonderful parents might inherit confidence, fearlessness and much more.. Unfortunately, there is no warranty for this. As a breeder, you must try to lay the foundation for a very well tempered Bearded Collie. How the much loved puppy developes in his new home, is no longer under the influence of the breeder. The Beardie is an intelligent working dog, which occurs empathically to his surroundings. If someone can not easily handle the Beardies intellegence and empathy, then this person should not opt ​​for a Bearded Collie. But if one decides to live with this unique breed , then you have found your dog for life. Simply a wonderful, much lovable and intelligent clown which does not miss any second in its " Beardie Rocking Life"  to please you. Hereby .... Beardies rock ..... at least our world!