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Participating in dog shows was not my great passion! Much time, effort and costs came and come along with it. The love for this breed convinced me to change my opinion. You will meet many Bearded Collie lovers, also they talk about everything and (sometimes too often) about everyone, but fun is always in the foreground.
I also have the opinion, that someone can also make itself an objective picture of the standard bred Bearded Collie while critically following the development of this breed at various dog shows. Many dog owners are kind of disapointed by receiving a form note "very good" for their dogs instead of the wanted "excellent". But the to often and to easily given form note "excellent" should really just receive a dog with excellent physique body structure, strong pigment and its unique Beardie movement. Unfortunately, espacialley this wonderful Beardie movement disappears more often as needed/wanted .But they still exist, these exquisite British herding dogs! Unfortunately, they are rarely shown. But if "Showtime" calls for these dogs and judges will still objectively recognize those qualities, our Beardies can convince simply by their appearance. With pride  i may announce, so did Phoebe...

Phoebe rocked the show ring:

Phoebe participated in 5 shows under 5 different judges and received the necessary 4 CACA's!


25.09.2010 in Tulln under judge Barry Croft (GB)

Critics:  love the breed type,exc. size+head with wonderful expression. Very dark eye, correct bite, good strength of foreface, pleasant shoulder &angel., correct bones for size +sex, strong topline, superb quality jacket, good strength of hind quarters, absolutely Beardie temperament, sound easy action. (Phoebe Exc.1 out of 3)

31.07.2011 in Hartberg under judge Barbara Novak (SLO)

Critics:  3 1/2 Jahre, korrekte Schere, eleganter Kopf, gute Hals+Rücken-Linie, gute Winkelungen, gute Bewegung, etwas höher getragene Rute (Phoebe Exc.1 out of 3)

25.09.2011 in Tulln under judge Edy Dykstra-Blum (USA)

Critics: Very nice 4 year old, lovely head and expression, excellent angulation, exc. topline, very nice coat, well presented (Phoebe Exc.1 out of 5)

03.12.2011 in Wels under judge Maria-Luise Doppelreiter (A)

Critics: Sehr schöne Hündin mit besten Proportionen, schöner Kopf und Ausdruck, korrekter Körperbau, vorzügliche Winkelungen, schöne Bewegung, schönes Haarkleid (Phoebe Exc.1 out of 4)

Sorry for the critics in german, but i should not translate it into english.

Anyhow, thus she is...

Austrian Champion (ÖCH) and also Club Champion and Best Austrian Bearded Collie 2011.


We might introduce Phoebe in other countries. But in the meantime Phoebe will enjoy her life by just being an unique, much loved and very special dog!