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How it all began .... Phoebe is a unique bitch who only enriches our lives . After extensive research on the Internet - from Austria via Germany to France, from England all the way to America - always on the lookout for OUR Bearded Collie , our eyes always got cought by one dog : Bumble Bee

( The Lovely Heart Breaker's Cincinetti Kid) "Why searching so far, when the best is so close? " , we thought, and it was decided. It should be an offspring of this dog!

And when everything is just meant to be, as it should be , lovely grandchildren of our Bumble Bee were born in  Mrs. Johanna Payrhubers kennel in Dobermannsdorf.

On 25/09/2007 Great Phoebe of Charlie 's Dogs saw the light of the world.

Mother Nelly ( Deam Nelly of Charlie 's Dogs ) is a wonderful Beardie bitch whose balanced and gentle nature fascinated us from the first moment . This softness Phoebe also inherited from her mother, especially during her work as a therapy dog. Phoebe got the looks from her father Sorriso (Xancinetti Fascino il Sorriso ), as well as his great character . Sorriso is a lovable clown who joyfully plunges into any adventure. Phoebe is her Daddys daughter and on the day she moved in with us she enriched the Beardie world....our world !

And this in a blink of a second !

She is a typical Bearded Collie, simply multi-talented ! The Bearded Collie will like to be busy doing any kind of work and here you have all the possibilities. Whether herding sheep, agility, obedience, rescue dog , therapy dog ​​, and much more - the Beardie can be enthusiastic about almost everything. So is Phoebe ! Everyone should decide for themselves what work he wants to give his dog. The Bearded Collie was originally bred as a pure working dog and still today they want to have a job to fulfill with passion. This does not mean that the Beardie must always herd sheep, or to jump over obstacles. However, the Beardie is not a comfortable four-legged friend who likes to spend his days bored and asleep ...
Phoebe and I have found our job in the therapy dog training . If you have the opportunity, to help people - whether big or small , young or old - only with the presence of a dog , we are pleased to take this opportunity . Of course, becoming a therapy dog ​​is not to be completed in a day, but as the saying goes : " Good things come to those who wait "

A further and very big passion of Phoebe and me is to herd sheep! Phoebe and I have the opportunity to regulary herd a little flock of sheep . Not an easy job, but a job that is very worth it! Phoebe would probably like to live on a sheep farm and herd her sheep all day long! But I confess, I have some difficulties as being a shepherd. But I promise improvement! Since Phoebe is not only a working Beardie, but is also doing a great job in the show ring, I invite you to the next page!

Under "Show me" ... our little story continues!


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