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PhoeNaniAs - About Us

Making finally the decision of being a breeder, is certainly not an easy one! Do we have time to take care of little curious puppies -24 hours/day- for at least 9 weeks? Can we always provide a lifetime support and advice for our PhoeNaniAs and their families? Will we travel hundred of miles, just to find the perfect father for our PhoeNaniAs ? And most important... are we aware of the responsibilty to breed healthy, stable tempered and standard justified Bearded Collies?
We clearly could answer those questions (and a few more) with a big YES!
We/Us, that is the family Pulides. Three generations, who share the affectionate passion for Bearded Collies. With pleasure, i will introduce my family! Starting with ...
Stefan Pulides, my father, a man of sound principles, from which he will not be deterred. He loves long walks with our Phoebe..any day... in any weather! Dad, thank you for that!
Tina Pulides, my mother! She is the "cook" in the house! My mum is responsible (most of the times) to feed Phoebe appropriate home made dinner! Always fresh and healthy! Good food is a great requirement for a healthy and long life. My mother hates any artificale food and Phoebe is greatful for that! And me ....
Well, of course there's my daughter Ana Sophia, also called Nana. Her and our dog´s names are the origin of the kennel name: Phoe (be) + Nan (a) IAS = PhoeNaniAs
Nana's and Phoebe's bonding is unique and can not be described, only experienced. Phoebe gives my daughter in many ways support, pleasure and love! This unique "will to please" of our Phoebe has also led me to train Phoebe as a therapy dog. (More on this later!)
Now it´s only me missing. My name is Sabine Pulides. I'm the one having the best part of sharing time with Phoebe, because Phoebe and I do ALL the fun stuff. This includes not only herding sheep, agility, visiting dogshows or moderate obedience training (have to admit, not my passion), but especially to share my life with my wonderful dog! I will always understand and love the Bearded Collie as an individual,intelligent and fun-loving dog, who enriches our lifes.
Now we come to our main character, who lays the foundation of our PhoeNanias! Just a click away